NG Downloads

{i} There is absolutely no warranty for this software, to the extend permitted by applicable law!

Those wondering why we still offer binary firmaware files on this page blow, now that we released the source code of NGOS, please note:

If you would like to work with the newest source code, please check out the Development page and become a NG developer.

/!\ Please note that these binaries are released under a CC-NC-BY-SA license which is a non-commercial license!

Public NGOS Releases

{i} For Click2Flash please browse this page using the qNGctrl base station browser!

Older NGOS Releases

Check the Older Releases page to find older NGOS releases.

Binary NGOS Alpha Releases

Beta Tester can find near daily alpha releases on our development server.

{i} Please be aware that not yet released hardware probably only gets supported by these firmwares!

Public ANGCtrl Releases for Android

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