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The NGcon

The following describes what you need to start construction of the NGcon connectivity board that can be used to initialize, flash and connect to the NG hardware in a comfortable way.

Getting the needed PCBs

Check out the UAVP-NG Shop to order your NGcon PCBs.

Getting the needed parts

Check out the NGcon part list to find out the components you need to build an NGcon.


Solder all parts according to part list. LED1 cathode directs to R5 (triangle to the X3-connector). The first batch of PCB's have TX/RX crossed. Cut the paths on the PCB and cross them lacquer-coated wire.

UART Pinout

Description of the connectors and jumpers

Normal operation

Normal operation

For normal operation, set the jumpers as shown above.

Crossover operation

Crossover operation (rx/tx swapped)

For crossover operation with rx/tx lines swapped, set the jumpers as shown above.

Flash mode

Flash connected target

To flash a target, set the two pin jumper to enable ponyser compatible operation.


UART Pinout

From Left to Right: GND, TXD, RXD, VCC

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