avrdude is a command line tool to use MCU programmers such as the AVR Dragon or the AVRISP mk2.

This page gives you some guidance with this tool.


If you want to program the Atmel 328 on the SB, make sure to disconnect the Micromag-3 first.

The commands in the Initialization page use the name "avrisp2" after the "-c" option to specify the programmer. If you have a different programmer, use the following names instead:


AVR Part "m328p" not found

If you see this error message:

Your version of avrdude is to old. This happens on debian lenny, use the version from squeeze instead.


If you see this error message:

Then your board (CPU) is not powered. Add some power and try again.

Invalid device signature

If you get the following error message:

Besides the recommendation to check your connections, try adding " -B 8" to the end of your command (you may need to give this only the very first time you try to program a CPU). This will specify a delay which may fix this. You may try other values instead of 8 as well.

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