If you would like to contact us please don't try to contact individual authors but send your email to <<>>.

Who are the NG authors?

The active NG developers consist of a small part of the UAVP developers.

Software Developers

Amir Guindehi <<>>

Michael Buhr <<>>
Ralf Hager <<>>
Stefan Agner <<>>
Tim Pambor <<>>
Axel Burri <<>>
Nabil Sayegh <<>>
Matthias Beckert <<>>
Florian Roks <<>>
Christian Bergmann <<>>
Mattes Jaehne <<>>
Felix Kaiser <<>>

Hardware Developers

Volker Wunsch <<>>

Benjamin Glass <<>>
Michael Buhr <<>>
Markus Bechtold <<>>
Bernd Richter <<>>


Patrick Schmid <<>>

Special thanks go to

Wolfgang Mahringer <<>>

Thorsten Raab <<>>
Michael Sachs <<>>
Tobias Rosenstock <<>>
Taarek Guindehi <<>>
Marcus B├╝schleb <<>>

There were many more helping the project! We want to thank all those not listed above as well!

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